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  • 1999 was a special year for the Washington Huskies and Eric Drew. Eric was the first Husky to reach the NCAA semi-finals in 44 years, he was a singles and doubles All-American and helped lead Washington to its first ever national top 10 team ranking.  Those successes did not happen over night, though, and the preceding years of experience that Eric had that led to those successes will be incredibly valuable to the next generation of tennis players." - Matt Anger, Head Coach at the University of Washington

  • "I have known Eric Drew for three years. Eric is a true expert on tennis, with his knowledge of proper serving form as well as other strokes. Because Eric has a substantial background in tennis, he is able to effectively explain tennis strategies. Eric is always able to answer my tennis questions and encourages me when I have new ideas about my game-play. He provides constructive criticism from his observations during my tennis tournaments, and he gives outstanding leadership and guidance towards my future tennis goals. Eric demonstrates a vastness of effort and experience as a tennis coach and a consistency in the superior quality of his work. This sets an excellent standard of dedication and perseverance for me as a tennis player. During Eric’s lessons I especially enjoy the drills; he gets involved in what you are working on by actually hitting with you and thus providing a consistent example of the correct technique. His energy and animated attitude have made each lesson enjoyable and interesting. One of many important aspects that sets him apart from other coaches is his ability to relate to young people. I feel comfortable around him, and this helps me become more confident in my tennis game and consequently in tennis tournaments. His philosophy of commitment is not only motivating but a gateway to a long term affection for tennis." - Kira Kearsley, tennis student July of 2006 to August of 2009

  • "Eric Drew was recommended to us 5 1/2 years ago when Taylor was 10 and Olivia 9 to get them ready for a 10’s zonal event down in San Diego. The girls have worked with him ever since and made tremendous progress. Eric is exceptionally positive and seems to sense when they’ve needed extra motivation to keep moving forward. He’s always in a good mood, and on the days when they showed up for lessons with no energy, his energy was contagious. Because they were young when they started, Eric intuitively mixed in just the right amount of fun. As they became older and the bar was raised in terms of competition, training and dedication, he’s been an incredible support system for them. His impressive experience as a player has transferred into his ability to be a proven top level coach, turning out highly ranked players not only in the PNW but on the national platform as well. " - Mike and Abbie Andersen (2007)

  • "In regards to Eric Drew. Eric has worked with my sons on a ongoing basis since they were 8 and 11 years old, Kevin is heading off to play college tennis at the University of Redlands in California and Zach is in 10th grade. Eric brings to the table the knowledge and experience of playing the game of tennis at the highest levels and what it takes to get there. He can relay to his students what worked and things he would have changed. Stroke production and the mental side of tennis Eric does a excellent job with relaying to his students. Kevin and Zach enjoying working with Eric because he makes it fun and challenging for them." - George Kosanke Bellevue WA, (2009)

  • "In 2011 when Eric Drew came to the Sprinker Recreation Tennis Center I remember many of the parents being so excited about having a former #1 player from the University of Washington and a top a rated player coming to our tennis facility. What we didn’t know then, was we were also getting a quality individual who not only teaches kids about tennis and winning but also about being a great person on and off the court. I’ve had the privilege to have my oldest child, Madison Egan, who is now 16, work with Eric in clinics and in private lessons over the past 6 years. Madison is also active in basketball, cross-country, leadership and academics. Never once has Eric ever pressured her to quit the other sports like others have tried. Last year Madison became the first freshman in Puyallup School District history (100 year history) to compete at the state level as a freshman in three sports and more importantly she loves the game of tennis like I’ve never seen before and is now eager as a sophomore to take her game up to another level. And more importantly than that she’s a great kid, which is what Eric wants and strives for all of his students in the end.  I’ve seen him help his students lead efforts to raise money for charities, I’ve seen him bring in professional players to teach the game, and I’ve seen Eric bring in college coaches for clinics as well. He doesn’t have an ego where he thinks it’s his way or no way, he just cares about everyone and is helping them learn the game of tennis. No question if you do the research the sport of tennis is struggling in popularity and we need more people like Eric out front and center helping to create a buzz around such a great sport. I can’t lie, I do hope my daughter will one day play college tennis and experience the joy of tennis on a team at the collegiate level, but thanks to Eric, I also know that her and I will be playing the sport for a long time to come and that’s what I care about most as a father. Eric is a very good coach and player, he’s helping our daughter chase her dreams, but in the end he is a great person with a big heart and that’s what matters most to us." - Chris Egan, King 5 TV (NBC-Seattle) Sports Anchor/Reporter

  • "Eric Drew has been a good friend of mine for almost 30 years. We met at the Boy’s 12 and Under National Championships and he has been an important part of my life ever since. Eric is one of the most charismatic, energetic, passionate, and loyal people you could ever hope to meet. He is an amazing athlete and was an excellent tennis player. I have seen Eric transform into a very skilled and committed coach. Eric has a deep desire to help people and I have seen the enjoyment that it brings him and his students. Any program, club, or student would benefit from his knowledge and experience. I am very proud of the person and coach Eric has become. I love him like a brother and look forward to watching him grow in every way in the years to come." - Justin Gimelstob - Junior National Champion, NCAA Champion, 2 Time Mixed Doubles Grand Slam Champion, US Davis Cup Team Member, career high ATP ranking of #63 in singles and #18 in doubles. Currently Broadcaster with Tennis Channel and an ATP World Tour Board Member.

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